Brush 4
Brush 4
2000 Ford F-450 Alexis Brush Truck
Purchased new in 2000 for the purpose of running all grass/brush fires. Brush 4 was utilized for all medical responses until Squad 1 was purchased. Brush 4 now responds second out on all medical calls. Brush 4 is equipped with all medical supplies necessary to be a BLS unit, a 330 gallon per minute pump, and a 300 gallon tank. Mission: First due for brush fires, Personnel transport, second due EMS calls, fires, and 4wd missions.
Engine 1
Engine 1
1999 Pierce Class A Rescue Engine
This apparatus was purchased new in 1999 for the purpose of being first out on all fires with the exception of grass/brush fires. Engine 1 also responds first out on all accidents and third out on all medical responses. Engine 1 responds to mutual aid agencies when requested. Engine 1 is equipped with a 1000 gallon tank and a 1500 gallon per minute pump. Engine 1 has a full set of tools and is capable of running as a BLS medical unit. Engine 1 seats six with SCBA's for five personnel on board.
Engine 2
2018 Pierce Enforcer
Squad 1
Squad 1
2014 Ford F-550
Purchased new in 2014 with the intent of running all medical calls within the Sherman Fire Protection District and mutual aid response. Contains all medical supplies to act as a BLS medical unit including a suction unit, backboards, stokes basket, and an automatic external defibrillator. As well as battery powered extrication tools, four SCBA's, and forcible entry tools. This unit also serves as a rehab unit on structure fires and includes the following items a tent, and several lawn chairs. Mission: First due on all medical response, Due on structure fires for rehab and command.
Tanker 5
Tanker 5
2012 Freightliner Pierce Elliptical Tanker
This unit was purchased new in 2012 for the purpose of tanker operations. This unit contains a 1000 gallon per minute pump and a 3100 gallon tank. Tanker 5 responds to any rural fire within the Sherman Fire Protection district second out. Also responds to mutual aid areas for tanker support or when the Sherman Engine or Sherman Truck respond. Mission: First due Tanker for all fires.
Truck 1
Truck 1
2007 Pierce 100' Platform Quint
Purchased new in 2007 Truck 1 is utilized for all structure fire responses in Sherman Fire Protection District as well as mutual aid responses. Truck 1 responds to all vehicle accident as well. Truck 1 is a dedicated truck company. But it also has the capability to act as an engine company. Truck 1 is equipped with a 2000 gallon per minute pump/300 gallon tank. Mission: First due Truck for all structure fires and vehicle accidents.
Utility 1
Utility 1
2014 Polaris Ranger 6x6
Purchased new in 2014 with the intent of running grass/brush fires and medical response. This unit contains a 85 gallon water tank with pump and 50 feet of hose to contain wild land fires within the Sherman Fire Protection District and mutual aid areas. Also used for medical response to areas that can be accessed by regular response apparatus. This unit has been utilized from time to time for special details such as football games and community events. Mission: First out on Brush Fires with brush truck, First out on areas that can not be accessed by vehicle. First due on medical response in areas that can not be accessed by regular response apparatus.
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