Sherman Fire Station

Dedicated July 10, 1994

The Station houses all our apparatus and personnel offices. Our facilities consist of:

  • Main Conference room
  • Communications room
  • Chief's office
  • Deputy Chiefs' office
  • Captains' office
  • Day room with full kitchen
  • Training room
  • Storage/Exercise area
  • Main apparatus bays

The main apparatus bays have four tandem sets of doors with the potential to house eight apparatus. Currently, we house our apparatus at the station.To ensure we can respond at any given time, the Station is equipped with an emergency standby generator.

Additionally, the monthly Trustee meetings are held in the Main Conference room at the Station.

The Station is available for tours, class visits, etc. Please contact us for a date and time that will work for you!


The Training Tower is made from shipping containers and is a multi-story, multi-use facility. The Tower can be used for any number of evolutions from basic firefighting skills to advanced skills. The Tower can be setup to simulate a residential or commercial structure and includes:

  • Hose advancement
  • Ladder Throws
  • Rapid Intervention Team (RIT)
  • Rescues
  • SCBA Familiarization
  • Sprinkler shutoff
  • Thermal Imaging Training
  • Utility shutoff
  • Ventilation
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