Knox Box

Why Use a Knox-Box?

Time is of the essence when responding to emergencies.  During a fire alarm, firefighters need to gain access into a structure as quickly as possible to determine if a problem exists.  When no one is on site to let the firefighters in, entry is delayed.  In the past, fire departments would typically wait for a subscriber to respond after conducting an external scan of the building.  If a subscriber was not available or delayed, crews would forcibly enter the building at the cost of the building owner. 

This secure box is fastened to the exterior of the structure and contains the keys to enter the building.    The fire department carries one master key that fits all of the lock boxes in the district.  Obviously, this makes entry into the buildings much quicker to determine if a problem exists. 

*Keep in mind that if a fire is detected at the building, the firefighters will gain entry the fastest way possible (most likely not with a key).

The Sherman Fire Protection District has utilized these boxes for several years with great success.  The vendor we use is the Knox Company, makers of the Knox Box. The Fire Department guidelines will be explained to you when a officer from the department makes contact with you. Please remember there is a cost associated for purchase of the box.

Any questions regarding the purpose, procurement, installation, or closing of the Knox Box should be referred to the Fire Department at 217-496-2213. Also you can use the "contact us" tab on the left.  An officer will return your call as soon as possible.

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